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Weirdest hCG Questions Revealed

With so much conflicting hCG-related information flooding the Internet, it is no wonder people often misinterpret hCG fiction as fact. Over the past week, a large number of emails have come in to our Blog with very odd concerns. In response to the growing number of unusual queries involving hCG over the past 7 days, our Blog reveals the answers to this week’s weirdest questions.

Will hCG make a man more feminine?
HCG Weight Loss Drops and injections are perfectly safe for men to take with no risk of “feminizing” or other side effects.

Can the drops or injections make me pregnant?
While Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is produced during pregnancy, taking the hormone will not cause you to get pregnant.

Do I have to eat during phase 2?
Yes! HCG is burning off thousands of calories to feed the body and prevent hunger, but the phase 2 foods are needed to supply the body with essential vitamins and nutrients.

Can I stay on the diet permanently?
No. One should only remain on phase 2 of the weight loss plan for 40 days straight — staying on longer may cause the body to become resistant to the hormone.

Are the drops made from aborted fetuses?
The hCG hormone used to create homeopathic drops and injections is made from the urine of pregnant women who produce it in large quantities while they are expecting. This process is completely hygienic and is completed in a lab.

Was Dr. Simeons a real person?
Dr. ATW Simeons was a British Endocrinologist who discovered the hormone’s weight loss potential in the 1950s.

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