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Weight Gain During the hCG Diet

For those who are taking real homeopathic hCG and are consistently losing large amounts of weight, it is not entirely uncommon to hit a roadblock during the second of the hCG phases where weight stays stagnant or even weight gain occurs. This static weight/weight gain is no cause for concern — it is typically caused by one of two things and usually only lasts for 2-3 days.

If you have unknowingly eaten something that is not on the hCG diet (especially sugar or oil) you will often see a halt in your weight loss. Be sure to carefully stick to the diet and only consume hCG diet-approved food items. A second reason for your lack of weight loss could be that you are retaining water. If you have not cheated at all on the diet but have been consuming salt, then your weight loss standstill is likely caused by water retention. If you have been on the diet for less than 40 days and have been consistently losing weight, one of these two things is probably responsible for your weight gain. Stick with the diet and your weight should drop again soon. If your weight stays constant or weight gain occurs for more than a few days then you should contact your hCG seller — this is a sign that your hCG isn’t real homeopathic hCG.

NOTE: If you are planning to adhere to the hCG protocol for 40 days then it is important that you only take your hCG drops for 6 days out of the week. This ensures your body does not become immune to the hCG — if your body does develop a resistance to the hCG, your weight loss will virtually stop. (This rule does not apply for anyone who is following the 21-day hCG diet plan.)

While not all hCG companies tell you this, the hCG diet and hCG drops combination should only be done for 40 days in a row. If you still have weight to lose after 40 days, you should stop the drops and the diet for at least 3 weeks before resuming your second course.


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