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Tutorial — How to Succeed on the hCG Diet

happy woman on scaleSo you’ve heard that the hCG diet can help you lose 1-2 pounds a day…without exercise, but finally eliminating those stubborn fat deposits takes more than using hCG drops alone — losing weight with hCG requires users to stick to a rigid 500 calorie diet for 21-40 days. While this diet does sound daunting, the results are easily worth the effort. Unlike other weight loss methods, the hCG diet provides you with astounding results each and every day — when you see the hard work you put in pay off daily, it is easy to stay motivated and continue on to weight loss success.

If you are ready to embark on your weight loss journey, we have created a short tutorial to help guide you on your way:

Undoubtedly the most important aspect of losing weight with hCG is the hCG diet itself. Make sure you clearly understand the hCG phases prior to beginning phase I — even a small mistake on the diet can prevent or halt weight loss. Also, make sure you keep a detailed food journal including the beverages, foods, seasonings, preparations and beauty products you use each day. In the event that you do not see results, this can help hCG support specialists pinpoint any errors that you have made. (The hCG diet works for everyone. If you do not see results, you are either using a fake hCG product or making a critical mistake.)

As mentioned earlier, it is easy to stick with the hCG diet when you see constant results. By weighing yourself each morning and recording the results you have a constant reminder that your efforts are paying off. These records are also a great way to prevent any cheating. Any time you find yourself craving a non-hcg diet-approved treat, look at your food journal and see how far you’ve come — one small indulgence can destroy the work you’ve already put in.

Make sure not to overlook phase I and phase III. The loading and maintenance phases of the hCG diet are just as important as the 500 calorie diet in phase II. Phase I is necessary to ensure your body has easily accessible fat for the very-low calorie diet and to fully absorb the hCG into the body. Phase III is crucial to fully reset your metabolism and prevent post-hcg diet weight gain.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Losing weight with hCG requires both the hCG diet and either hCG drops or hCG injections. If you do not take real hCG, you will force your body into starvation mode and may destroy your metabolism. Read the article “Beware of Added Ingredients in Your hCG Drops” before you buy any hCG weight loss product.


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6 Responses to “Tutorial — How to Succeed on the hCG Diet”

  • maritza2:

    hello im sorry to bother you but i am dying to succeed in this diet this is my last chance and hope my question is today is my last day for loading tomorrow is my first day of phase 2 which i will be trying to do for 41 days i need to loose more then 40 lbs now i know its says its better to skip breakfast which i am fine with but for lunch and dinner am i suppose to eat only chicken first lets say and then if i want later i can have apple or am i suppose to have it right after i eat the chicken and wait couple hours for dinner and then eat or in between lunch and dinner i can have the fruit salad or tomato how am i exactly to eat these food can u give me step by step thank you

    • Wendy Miles:

      It’s best to have all of the permitted food items together. A sample lunch would be 100g chicken breast, 1 tomato, 1 apple and 1 slice of Melba toast (eaten at the same time). Then for dinner you might have 100g white fish, 1 cucumber, 1 handful of strawberries and 1 Grissini breadstick (eaten at the same time).

  • PatiO:

    Interesting that u say to skip breakfast. I started day three today and calculated my calories which are at 680, not the recommended 500. And I have read several web documents on the diet to investigate before I started. The original protocol indicated starch only for breakfast as a slice of toast or a bowl of certain cereals. So now I am confused. And I don’t see lunch or dinner starches anywhere. So my question is am I eating 500 calories or following the protocol- 680 fat free cals?

    • Wendy Miles:

      I am not sure what you read, but the Dr. A.T.W. Simeons’ Original Manuscript, “Pounds and Inches,” does not say that you should be eating a starch for breakfast — a big part of the hCG diet is to avoid starch, sugar and fat altogether. Dr. Simeons states “Breakfast: Tea or coffee in any quantity without sugar. Only one tablespoonful of milk allowed in 24 hours. Saccharin or Stevia may be used.” Summarized guidelines for the hCG diet can be found here You should be eating 1 protein, 1 fruit, 1 vegetable and 1 bread item from the list 2 times per day. You should not eat anything that is not on the list and should only consume the proper food portions. You should not cook or season with any oil or sugar whatsoever, and should only drink tea (from a teabag), coffee and sugar. If you have any concerns, you can read Dr. Simeons’ Original Manuscript here

  • Laura:

    I have been on this diet and only lost 8 pounds in 12 days. I have been following this diet to a T!!!
    Please help! In very upset, and gaining weight instead if losing!!!!
    It’s a lot of sacrifice not to get the goal, also I have had diarrhea with the diet! Any advice.

    • Wendy Miles:

      The average weight loss on the hCG diet is 1-2 pounds per day, with everyone losing 1/2-3 pounds. You have still lost 8 pounds in less than 2 weeks, that is great and probably could not be done using any other method. As I do not know which product you are taking, I cannot comment as to how effective that particular product is. I can however point you to an article about what to avoid in hCG drops Diarrhea is not a side effect of hCG drops or the hCG diet (but may be a side effect if the product you are taking includes other ingredients).

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