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The hCG Diet: What are Some Common Mistakes When Taking hCG Drops?

woman holding scaleIt is widely accepted that the average weight loss on the hCG diet is between 1 and 2 pounds a day with almost everyone losing at least ½ pound daily. But with such great results, why do so many people struggle to achieve these outcomes? The answer is simple — they are making an hCG dieting mistake. Below we have some of the most common hCG diet blunders that can cause weight loss stalls, hunger and even a lack of weight loss altogether.

    1. Cooking with Oil: In order to lose an extraordinary amount of weight with hCG drops, it is important to keep your fat and sugar intake as low as possible. Many people eat the correct foods in the proper portions, but neglect to realize that the oil or Pam they are using during preparation is halting their weight loss.
    2. Drinking Diet Soda and Tea: The only artificial sweeteners permitted on the hCG diet are Saccharin and Stevia — Splenda, sucralose and others are forbidden and may cause food cravings. The only beverages approved for the hCG diet are water, coffee (black without sugar) and tea (from a teabag).
    3. Skipping Phase I: The loading phase is a key part of the hCG diet and is especially important during the first week of phase II. If you do not consume enough fat during phase I, you may feel hungry and tired — this often leads to irritability and cheating during the first seven days of the program.
    4. Not Drinking Enough Water: For best results, you should be drinking a minimum of two quarts of water a day while on hCG. When you don’t drink enough water, it’s more difficult for the body to metabolize fat which leads to fewer pounds lost per day.
    5. Sleeping Less Than 8 Hours a Night: Getting ample sleep while on the hCG diet is essential. Make sure you don’t stay up late and that you get a sufficient amount of rest to maximize your weight loss.

If you do not follow the hCG diet plan exactly, you encounter the following risks:

    • Eating Too Much: If you take in too many calories while taking hCG drops, the hCG will not signal the brain to release stored body fat. This may result in little or no weight loss.


    • Not Eating the Correct Foods: The hCG diet-approved food items are permitted not only because they are low in calories and fat, but because of the nutritional value they provide. If you don’t get enough nutrients when on the hCG diet, you may begin to feel tired or hungry — clear signs that your body is struggling.


  • Burning Too Many Calories: An often overlooked aspect of the hCG diet, restricting exercise is an important factor when trying to lose weight with hCG drops. Physical exercise needs to be limited because you are taking in so few calories — if you get too much exercise, you will likely feel sluggish and hungrier than usual and may even burn off lean muscle.


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