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The hCG Diet & Valentine’s Day — Not a Match Made in Heaven

box of chocolatesWith Valentine’s Day just around the corner, hCG dieters everywhere are wondering how to avoid temptation on a day focused around champagne, dining out, chocolate and candy — so what are hCG dieters to do? In an effort to prevent as many people as possible from cheating on their hCG weight loss diet, hCG Blog has constructed a list of tips and ideas for sticking to the hCG diet on Valentine’s Day.

“Last year, an unbelievable number of visitors contacted us concerned that they had blown their hCG weight loss diet by dining out or consuming loads of chocolate on Valentine’s Day,” explains founder Wendy Miles. “This year, we decided to be proactive and create a list of tips and ideas to prevent hCG dieters from cheating.”

Tip 1: Let your valentine know about your diet. By giving your date advanced notice that you want to avoid sweets and dinner out, he/she will be able to plan an alternative Valentine’s Day night out. Going to the beach, having a movie night in or going miniature golfing are all enjoyable ways to spend the day without being tortured by unhealthy foods.

Tip 2: Be prepared. Taking Hoodia and bringing along your own snack are great ways to prevent cheating on the hCG diet. Hoodia gordonii helps to prevent the mental food cravings that cause many diets to fail, while munching on strawberries or an apple can satisfy any sudden hunger pangs.

Tip 3: Be your own valentine. Treat yourself to some jewelry or a massage (provided that lotion used is oil-free). There’s no better way to celebrate the holiday than by taking the time to enjoy yourself. Spending time alone also guarantees that you avoid any unhealthy foods or beverages that might sabotage your weight loss diet.


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