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Official hCG Diet Plan

official hcg diet planThe official hCG diet plan is a 4 phase program that can help users lose as many as 3 pounds in 1 day. And while this seems far fetched, it is actually quite attainable. In order to lose an average of 1-2 pounds a day during phase 2, you only need to follow the weight loss protocol and take either hCG drops or injections — no exercise is required.

The first phase of the hCG diet is the loading phase. During these 2 days, dieters are told to eat high fat, high calorie foods while taking their hCG. The second phase is the actually diet. During this 21-40 day very-low calorie phase, most people lose 1-2 pounds per day, but everyone should be losing ½–3 pounds. The hCG diet phase 3 lasts for the 3 weeks after the diet is completed. During this time, one can begin to slowly add foods back into his diet while continuing to avoid sugar and starch. The last phase of the diet is only to keep the weight off. Once the weight is lost, one should continue to weight himself each morning to ensure not more than 2 pounds are gained.

The Official HCG Diet Plan: Does it Work?

“The HCG diet is a weight-loss plan that requires dieters to eat a strict 500 calories per day and undergo injections of the hormone HCG which is usually used to increase fertility. Though hundreds claim to have experienced rapid weight loss on this diet, there is some doubt as to its safety and effectiveness. Dr. Oz recently investigated the diet on his show. These are some of the highlights from that episode.

The sample meal plan

Dr. Oz displayed a sample meal plan for the HCG diet. Breakfast consists of only black coffee and a small amount of fruit. Lunch includes three ounces of lean meat with a lot of lettuce, and dinner is three ounces of meat with another vegetable. Dieters get two snacks: Melba toast and another piece of fruit.

Personal success stories

Several stories of personal success were shown on Dr. Oz’s show. A woman named Lisa claimed that she was only hungry for the first two days of the diet, but then it was easy to follow. She lost 45 pounds in three weeks. Mary lost about 30 pounds in six weeks and also claimed that she was not hungry while following the diet.”

Original story here.

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