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Is Weight Loss with hCG Safe for Men?

Many men are interested in using hCG drops to lose weight but hesitate when they learn that hCG is a hormone naturally produced by women during pregnancy. So the questions naturally arise — Is hCG for weight loss safe for men? What are the side-effects of hCG in males? Are men in any danger when following the hCG diet protocol?

While it is true that hCG is produced in large quantities during pregnancy, hCG is present in the bodies of all men and women — pregnant or not. HCG is a perfectly safe and extremely effective way for both men and women to lose weight quickly.

Most hCG-related side-effects are associated with either the physical injection or the hCG diet, not the hCG itself. Many hCG injections users report soreness and tenderness around the injection site — because of this we usually recommend that our visitors buy hCG diet drops which are an equally effective and far less painful alternative. And while the hCG diet typically does not cause any side-effects, some dieters report fatigue, irritably and headaches during the first few days.
There are some side-effects associated with hCG, but only in when in concentrations far larger than the amount used for weight loss. During pregnancy, high levels of hCG are what cause morning sickness, breast soreness and nausea in the expecting mother. HCG is also often taken in large quantities by body builders who are hoping to increase their testosterone levels and stimulate their muscles to grow larger.

If you are taking hCG for weight loss and do notice any side-effects we recommend you discontinue the use of your hCG immediately and consult a doctor. Real hCG, like BioMazing™ hCG, will not cause any side-effects — if you do notice side-effects then you are likely taking a product that is not real hCG.


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