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How to Maximize Weight Loss with hCG

weight loss with hcgWhile the average user loses 1-2 pounds of fat per day during the hCG diet, there are certain tactics that can be used to speed up results and amplify weight loss. has combined the most effective strategies based on years of visitor feedback to create a guide to help users augment their overall results using the hCG weight loss program.

  1. Do not use any artificial sweeteners or milk in your coffee or tea.
  2. Select grapefruit as your fruit serving at least once per day. Many dieters notice an increase in their weight loss when they consume grapefruit exclusively and eat no apples, oranges or strawberries.
  3. Consume white fish and shrimp as your proteins.
  4. Cut out the bread items from the diet.
  5. Go on walks and stretch daily. While heavy exercise is discouraged during the official hCG diet plan, light exercise including walking, yoga, stretching and light weight lifting can actually help to boost results.
  6. Perform a full body cleanse before starting the diet. Eliminating the toxins from the body prior to starting the diet can help to accelerate results once phase 2 is commenced.
  7. Take a multivitamin with your hCG. Vitamins supply the body with the nutrients it needs to function at optimum capacity.
  8. Drink as much water as you can throughout the day.
  9. Take PantoSure™, a skin tightening metabolism booster, along with your hCG diet drops or injections.
  10. Weigh yourself each morning and keep a food journal. By monitoring your weight along with your food intake, you can isolate foods that accelerate or decelerate your weight loss.

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