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HCG Weight Loss Program

If you are considering dieting to lose weight, there is timage hcg weight loss programruly no method more effective than the hCG weight loss program. When combined with either hCG drops or injections, hCG dieters lose an average of 1-2 pounds of fat per day.

While the diet guidelines are restrictive, you still get to eat proteins, fruits, vegetables and bread items each day.

Unlike other diet programs, the hCG weight loss plan gives you consistent results each day – when you are losing weight very quickly, it is easy to stay motivated and keep on track. Plus, the hCG diet plan does not require you to follow tiresome workouts. In fact, fat burning exercising are discouraged during phase II of the diet.

Using the hCG Weight Loss Program to Burn Fat

“How to effectively lose stubborn fats – that was the central topic of the recently concluded “HSBC Coffee Talk” dubbed ‘Hot Summer, Hot Diets: Cracking the Fat Riddle’. It was the fourth of the series that gathered ‘Biggest Loser’ finalist Art Mendoza, Cohen diet advocate Rescina Bhagwani, CrossFit workout champion Lala Agregado, Juju Cleanse co-owner Kat Azanza and HCG diet follower JL Martinez.

Meanwhile, JL Martinez says that the word diet is overused as he further explains what HCG diet is about. “HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin diet restricts your food consumption to just 500 calories and also uses HCG hormone drops or injections that suppress hunger and trigger the body’s use for fat fuel.” JL recommends, “It’s really more on the lifestyle.”

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Has the hCG weight loss program worked for you or someone you know? Are you interested in trying it out? Post in the comment box below to let us know!


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