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HCG Weight Loss Drops

hcg weight loss dropsThose who have completed the hCG diet know the powerful effects hCG weight loss drops and injections can have on fat loss. There is truly no other non-surgical method that can give you results as quickly or easily. The hCG diet can promote 1-2 pounds of fat loss per day without exercise or starvation.

This popular dieting method consists of 4 phases that’s synergistic effect results in fast weight loss without post-diet weight gain. During phase 2 of the diet, the 21-40 day low-calorie phase, users need to follow a strict eating plan while taking either hCG weight loss drops or shots — when followed correctly, users lose an average of 1-2 pounds per day.

HCG Weight Loss Drops & Their Mounting Popularity

“The growing popularity of a unique dieting method is causing people who have struggled to shed excess pounds to praise the plan and is leading others to question its safety and effectiveness.

Called the hCG diet, the weight-loss program is based on hCG, a hormone found in pregnant women that when taken with 500 calories a day of food is said to help people lose as much as 50 pounds in a month.

HCG diet proponents say the method helps a person bum fat more efficiently, drawing from the preferred fats–instead of muscle–and leading to weight loss of one or two pounds a day. They also say hCG can rebuild the adrenaline glands and normalize cholesterol levels.

The weight-loss method, however, has drawn criticism from a wide variety of scientists and government officials who say the real weight-loss benefits of the plan come simply because the user is only taking in 500 calories a day.”

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Articles like the one above make it clear that critics of hCG weight loss drops and injections simply do not understand how the hCG hormone itself works. The weight loss benefits of hCG come from the fat mobilization that occurs when it is combined with a low-calorie diet — at no point is the body starved or getting too few calories. HCG is burning of thousands of calories a day that the body can use for nourishment and energy — during the diet, you are not living off of only 500 calories per day.

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