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Can a pregnancy test tell you if your hCG is real?

Many people have contacted us wondering whether or not you can test to see if your hCG is real by performing a pregnancy test on your hCG diet drops. While this does sound plausible in theory, the truth of the matter is that this is simply not possible.

hCG diet drops are homeopathic — this means they are produced by taking pure, full strength hCG and transforming it into a sublingual mixture through a process of succussion. When tested in a lab, homeopathic products will come back negative for the active ingredient because that ingredient exists as a distinctive energy imprint in the carrier liquid — this ingredient signature cannot be measured chemically. This science proves true for hCG as well — homeopathic hCG will not read positive when a pregnancy test is performed.

Homeopathic products have a history of perplexing the American Medical Association (AMA) and other medical establishments throughout the world. While they fail chemical lab tests, they are extremely effective when ingested by the human body.

Real homeopathic hCG, like BioMazing HCG™, has a history of safe and truly effective results. While there is no way to test and see if your hCG is real, you can do a little research to find a reliable product. Read through hCG testimonials to see how the product has worked for others and ensure the product has a guarantee. Real homeopathic hCG can and will help you to lose 1-2 pounds of fat a day.


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7 Responses to “Can a pregnancy test tell you if your hCG is real?”

  • Carter:

    I have been looking all over for an answer to this question and you are the first place where I’ve found an understandable response. My friend said the BioMazing hCG I had wasn’t real because it failed a pregancy test but I knew she was wrong. I have lost 15 pounds in only 10 days. Thank you for posting this. I can now prove my friend wrong!

  • Lauren:

    My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. Does anyone know if it is okay for him to take hcg or will it make him less fertile?

  • Parco:

    I like your writing style and genuinely love this web site .

  • Becca:

    My friend also told me that my hcg drops dont work bc they failed a pregnancy test. I knew they worked though bc I lost like 20 pounds in 2 weeks.

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