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HCG Hormone Drops

HCG hormone drops are a cheaper and easier alternative to prescription hCG injections. Unlike shots, these products do not require a doctor’s prescription or regular doctor’s visits and are pain-free. And while they are just as effective as their precursor, not all “hCG drops” are effective for weight loss. Due to pressure from the FDA, many companies are now offering hormone-free alternatives that contain no Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in them whatsoever. These types of drops are made using a mix of amino acids and other ingredients and still require the user to follow the 500-calorie hCG weight loss program.

Of these hormone-free drops, to date, only Biovada Health’s Ultra Diet Drops and BioMazingHCG Diet Drops have proven themselves worthy of being called equal, or perhaps even better, than their homeopathic hormone predecessor. more …Read More»–>

Over-the-Counter hCG Hormone Drops: Just as Effective as Injections

“Weight loss in a bottle: Is it possible?
Products fly off local shelves with Dr. Oz’s tele-seal of approval

With swimsuit season sitting heavily upon us, people looking to lose some pounds are clearing shelves of weight-loss “miracle” solutions.

Standing the test of time, Pino said they are still seeing the biggest success with human chorionic gonadotropin weight-loss products.

These diet drops, along with a 500-calorie-a-day diet, can promote weight loss of up to a pound a day.”

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If you are looking to buy homeopathic hormone drops, be sure to only buy a product that is 100% pure. Many companies mix other ingredients into their formulation, but these products are less effective and much less potent. Real hCG is so effective on its own, no other ingredients are necessary — except for the two hormone-free brands mentioned above, companies that claim their “proprietary ingredient formulation” accelerates fat loss are only trying to trick consumers into buying a less effective product.

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