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HCG Drops for Weight Loss

hcg drops for weight lossHomeopathic hCG drops for weight loss are a cheaper and easier alternative to prescription hCG injections. And while their effectiveness has been documented by hundreds of thousands of users, the FDA is trying to ban the manufacturing of these products claiming they offer no weight loss benefits. Many people have begun taking action and are fighting to keep homeopathic hcg drops on the market — a number of letters and petitions have been sent to the FDA pleading with them to reconsider their attack on a product that has helped so many people.

It is unclear exactly why the FDA is trying to ban a product that can help to remedy the obesity epidemic in America, but many suggest that it is related to pressure from the prescription drug companies that pad their pockets.

Petition to Save hCG Drops for Weight Loss

“We, the people, are asking the FDA and FTC to conduct research with credible hCG diet experts and document the success or failure in an unbiased clinical study under the guidelines as originally written by Dr. Simeons’ in 1954. We would like the FDA to test, analyze, and closely document the findings prior to removing homeopathic drops from the market place.

If the tests show conclusive evidence of weight loss and improved health in the subjects after the diet, we request that the Food and Drug Administration classify the diet as an effective form of weight loss.

The diet has been in use since 1954 and has helped hundreds of thousands of dieters successfully lose weight giving us, a healthier lifestyle. The homeopathic remedy is a safe and inexpensive alternative to surgery and if used properly will promote a healthier lifestyle.”

Click here to sign this hCG petition.

This article is followed by a vast number of testimonials from real people who not only have signed the petition, but have themselves experienced success using hCG drops for weight loss. Stories from these past users detail additional benefits — not only do the drops offer 1-2 pounds of fat loss per day, they can alleviate a number of health complications and improve overall wellbeing.

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