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HCG Diet Success

hcg diet successAnyone can achieve hCG diet success by carefully following the weight loss plan and selecting a high-quality product.

Losing weight on this program requires users to follow a specific diet protocol while taking either homeopathic, the right hormone-free drops or injections — when the guidelines are followed, most people lose around 1-2 pounds of fat per day. Unlike other types of “fad diets” weight loss using this diet is long-term — the weight will not pile back on as soon as the program is finished and you do not need to continue taking it once you have met your goal. And while the FDA is banning products containing the actual hormone, there are two hormone-free diet drops that work equally as well (see our recommendations above) for weight loss, the astounding number of success stories prove that is truly does work.

HCG Diet Success Stories

“Is it the next big weight loss miracle? A hormone found in pregnant women could help you drop the pounds.

It’s called HCG.

People using it swear by it.

DJ Fink is one of those patients. The Chicago-area man is on the move a lot of the time, shooting his TV show in venues across the country. But lately, he said his bulk was slowing him down.

DJ Fink and his wife started the program six months ago and have already seen a big difference.

“I am down 12 pants sizes and almost 58 pounds,” he said. “She’s down about 50 pounds.”

Dr. Scott Morris is one of just a handful of physicians offering the program.

“HCG elevated in pregnant women had an association with weight loss, or at least with fat loss,” he explained. “It basically seems to mobilize those fat stores. The metabolism is increased by some of the dietary changes we use, but then it’s able to get to those fat stores especially around the waist more readily than without the HCG,” he continued.”

Original story here.

When executed properly, the low-calorie weight loss plan can help users lose as many as 3 pounds per day. If you have experienced diet success, let us know by posting your story in the comment box below. If you have tried hCG, but did not experience remarkable results, you probably were using an inferior product. Learn more about finding the best hCG drops here.

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