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HCG Diet Plan Drops

hcg diet plan dropsWhile the hCG weight loss protocol has been around for nearly 60 years, hCG diet plan drops have only recently hit the diet supplement market as an alternative to doctor prescribed hCG injections. These drops, made using homeopathic hCG, trigger the same effect in the brain as hCG shots, but cost much less and do not require a prescription. Skeptics claim that hCG is ineffective for weight loss, but the science behind how hCG works is undeniable — hCG will burn fat when combined with a very-low calorie diet.

HCG users are required to follow a strict diet, but the hCG diet plan menu foods are delicious and satisfying. Dieters do not feel the fatigue or hunger pains common among other diet programs.

How do hCG Diet Plan Drops Work?

“HCG may play many roles, but one function it performs is guaranteeing that a developing fetus receives the calories and nutrients it needs to grow, nearly independent of the daily caloric intake of the pregnant woman in those early developmental months. How does it do this?

We aren’t ravenous for fatty foods for no reason. Our bodies like to maximize caloric intake in case lean times are ahead. In the case of women, excess calories tend to wind up in “problem” areas such as the hips, buttocks, abdomen and thighs. However, once pregnant, fat from these areas is released in the presence of hCG, and this fat then makes its way to the fetus. This way, if a woman doesn’t consume the nutrients needed for fetal growth, her fat reserves will suffice. (Structural fat, such as that found in the face or layered beneath the entire skin, isn’t affected.)

It was during research in the 1930s when one doctor, A.T.W. Simeons, noticed that boys being treated with hCG for underdeveloped gonads were also able to lose excess weight by eating much less without any accompanying hunger pangs. Simeons’ interest in hCG soon shifted to its potential as a diet aid, and after two decades of research, he published a paper touting its effects, and developed a dietary regimen for using the drug as a weight-loss tool.”

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HCG diet plan drops are must less expensive than hCG injections, but are equally as effective at promoting fast weight loss. Keep in mind, however, that not all hCG drops will provide you with these great results. Before buying hCG, make sure the hCG weight loss drops you purchase are homeopathic and include no other added ingredients. It is also important to verify that the product offers a guarantee — this means the manufacturer has faith in the product’s effectiveness.

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