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HCG Dieter Discusses HCG Weight Loss Controversy

realstoryWith so much confusion surrounding the effectiveness of hCG drops and injections, it is often difficult for consumers to determine whether or not hCG will help them lose weight. HCG sellers insist that hCG does work while deceitful prescription drug manufacturers claim it is unsafe. So who do you believe? Truth is, taking real hCG and following the hCG weight loss diet will promote fast weight loss — and Sarah McGuire’s success story is proof.

A Real Person’s Experience with the hCG Weight Loss Diet

“Sarah McGuire, hCG Patient, said, “I would probably say, most lunches, I make this salad.”

Meet Sarah McGuire, a mother of three, self-employed and at the beginning of this year, about 30 pounds heavier.

McGuire said, “During the 28 days, I lost just under 21 pounds. So my average was about .8 lbs a day.”

Sarah used human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG. During those 28 days, she gave herself a shot daily and only ate 500 calories.

McGuire said, “So as soon as I started seeing results, it wasn’t even an option to cheat on it, because knowing that the next day, you’re going to see the scale go down.”

At first Sarah was skeptical, especially of losing at minimum, up to three-quarters of a pound a day.

McGuire said, “The other thing I was skeptical of is that I wouldn’t be hungry. I thought, I am going to be starving. I’m going to be passing out. I’m going to have headaches. I’m not going to get to eat anything and that wasn’t the case.”

Because of the low calorie count on the hCG diet, workouts are forbidden until dieters transition to eating more calories.”

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Weight loss stories like Sarah’s are commonplace among hCG drops and injections dieters alike. When the diet is followed correctly, users report losing an average of 1-2 pounds per day. Before buying hCG weight loss drops online, be sure the product you are buying is made with real homeopathic hCG — avoid any products labeled “hormone free” or are mixed with a large number of supplemental ingredients.

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