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HCG Diet Drops are Effective for Weight Loss

hcg diet dropsDespite countless success stories from dieters who’ve lost weight using hCG diet drops, the FDA continues to try and make over-the-counter weight loss products illegal in favor of their prescription counterparts. HCG diet drops are just as effective hCG injections, but cost far less and do not require a doctor’s prescription. The fantastic weight loss claims of hCG products initially leaves many consumers skeptical, but once they’ve tried it they cannot help but spread the word about their amazing results. Sandy Zalecki is one such dieter. Sandy was able to lose 150 pounds with hCG – but she not only lost weight, she cleared up many of her other health problems. This might lead one to ask, “Why does the FDA want to restrict the selling of a product that has helped hundreds of thousands of people?”

HCG Diet Drops are Under Attack by the FDA

“Last December, the Food and Drug Administration went on the attack against over-the-counter hCG products explicitly, while firing an implicit shot at the hCG diet.

When Sandy Zalecki, 55, first heard of the hCG diet, she was skeptical, too.

But back then, Zalecki was frustrated.

She had never been heavy, but gained significant weight after age 35. At the same time, she had what she described as gastrointestinal issues, blackouts and “fuzzy thinking.”

Zalecki’s hunch was that her sudden health problems were being caused by her relatively new job at a Phoenix chemical plant. She was turned off by doctors who wanted to treat her with medication — more chemicals, to her thinking.

A cleanse recommended by a homeopathic doctor helped some of Zalecki’s issues, but not her hypoglycemia. She said she had to eat constantly — every two hours, even waking up at night — to avoid feeling faint.

As a result of that, Zalecki gained about 150 pounds over a three-year period. She had tried several diets, but was nearly 300 pounds by 2009. Eventually, she tried the hCG diet protocol, which incorporates what the FDA calls a “severely restrictive diet” (500 calories per day) and injections of the hormone. The hormone, hCG, is supposed to curb hunger and reset certain glands, the same claims asserted since the protocol was first written about in the 1950s.

“I figured, I’ve tried every other harebrained thing, I might as well try it,” Zalecki said.

In about 18 months, she lost 130 pounds. She said it also fixed her other ailments, as she no longer takes many of the medications she once had. Now a believer, Zalecki serves as a consultant at Obesity Disease Center, a counseling clinic. She offers tips and shares her experiences with others, particularly those interested in the hCG diet.”

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Those who have tried hCG diet drops know how effective they truly are. Dieters report losing an average of 1-2 pounds per day during phase II and are able to successfully keep the weight off long-term. And while the FDA continues its attack on hCG, consumers continue to purchase hCG and see results.

If you are on the hCG diet, be sure to combine your hCG diet drops with the hCG weight loss diet. Exercise is not recommended, but stretching, walking and light weight lifting is okay.

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