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Top 5 Hidden Mistakes Made on the HCG Weight Loss DiethCG Blog

HCG Blog Reveals Top 5 Hidden Mistakes Made on the HCG Weight Loss Diet

word mistakeWhile the hCG diet has been proven to help users lose 1-2 pounds of body fat per day, some hidden hCG diet mistakes may be hindering or preventing these rapid weight loss results.

Weight loss with hCG is possible, but only when the weight loss guide rules are followed and no mistakes are made. And while many individuals think they fully understand the instructions, there are some hidden hCG diet errors that may affect the rate of fat loss as well as the overall results. As an hCG weight loss authority, hCG Blog has vast experience helping men and women lose weight with the hCG diet. HCG Blog’s top 5 hidden hCG dieting mistakes were determined based on copious amounts of consumer feedback and visitor queries.

  1. Skipping Phase I
    — Phase I of the hCG diet is important to ensure the body has easily accessible fat stores during the very-low calorie phase. It is also needed to make sure the hCG is fully absorbed into the system.
  2. Going Out to Dinner
    — Eating at a restaurant during the hCG weight loss diet is risky because you never know exactly what you are getting. Types of food, food preparations, seasonings and portions are hard to monitor when someone else is fixing your meals for you.
  3. Not Getting Enough Sleep
    — Getting plenty of sleep is essential for losing weight on the hCG diet. Those who sleep less than 6 hours often report feelings of hunger and fatigue.
  4. Using Body Lotion
    — As body lotion often contains oil, it should not be applied during the diet. The body can actually absorb the oil through the skin which may result in a weight loss stall.
  5. Exercising
    — Because the hCG diet only permits 500 calories a day, burning additional calories through exercise is discouraged.


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