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HCG Weight Loss is Safe for Both Men and WomenhCG Blog Announces that HCG Weight Loss is Safe for Both Men and Women

man and womanMany men assume that because Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, commonly known as hCG, is a “pregnancy hormone” it is unsafe for men to take or it will result in a range of unwanted side-effects. Because hCG is effective for both sexes, we would like to announce that hCG weight loss is completely safe for men.

When a woman is pregnant, her body naturally produces large amounts of the hormone as a way to ensure the baby stays healthy and well-fed. In the event that she is not taking in enough calories, the hormone signals the brain to release her stored body fat. When a man or woman takes best weight loss, the hCG will trigger the same fat burning effect. When a low-calorie diet is consumed in conjunction with the hormone 1-2 pounds of body fat are burned off daily.

When hCG is taken by either a man or a woman for weight loss, it should not result in any side-effects. If side-effects are observed, the product he or she is taking is likely not made using the real hormone or pure natural ingredients. There are a consequences correlated with high hormone levels in the body, but the concentrations used for weight loss are not high enough to result in these symptoms. When a woman is pregnant, the high levels of the hormone in her body are what prompt morning sickness and breast soreness. Body builders have also been known to take hCG in an effort to boost their testosterone levels.

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