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Can Men Lose Weight With hCG drops?

Quite a few men have an interest buying hCG to shed weight but think twice after they learn that hCG is a hormone naturally created by females during pregnancy. Therefore the inquiries obviously occur — Can men safely lose weight with hCG drops? What are the side-effects of hCG in males? Are guys in any danger when adopting the hCG diet protocol?

While it is true that hCG is produced in large volumes during pregnancy, hCG exists within the bodies of all women and men — pregnant or otherwise. HCG is a perfectly safe and extremely effective way for both ladies and men to shed pounds rapidly.

The majority of hCG-related side-effects are connected with either the physical shot or the hCG diet, not the hCG on its own. Several hCG injections consumers report pain and tenderness around the injection site — because of this we ordinarily advise that our guests purchase hCG diets drops which are a similarly effective and far less unpleasant choice. And while the hCG diet normally doesn’t cause any side-effects, a few dieters report exhaustion, irritably and headaches in the initial few days. There are a few side-effects linked to hCG, but only in when in concentrations far larger than the amount employed for weight reduction. During pregnancy, high amounts of hCG are what induce morning illness, breast pain and queasiness in the pregnant mom. HCG is also often taken in large quantities by weight lifters who are looking to enhance their testosterone levels and stimulate their muscles to get bigger.

If you’re taking hCG to shed pounds and do recognize any side-effects we advise you stop the use of your hCG promptly and seek the advice of a doctor. Real hCG, like BioMazing™ hCG, will not bring about any side-effects — if you do discover side-effects then you’re likely taking a product that is not real hCG.


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