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Beware of Added Ingredients in Your hCG Drops

On your pursuit to find truly effective hCG drops, you have likely come across several brands that integrate other ingredients into their hCG formulation. Many products include fat metabolizers, thyroid and liver support, digestive aids and other chemicals with claims that these additives make the hCG more powerful and safe.

So the question arises — If hCG is so effective, why would you need supplemental ingredients in your drops? The truth is, if your hCG is real homeopathic hCG then you do not need any other ingredients. These extra ingredients are included to disguise the ineffectiveness of the weak hCG itself.

Adding surplus ingredients is the easiest way for a company to cover up a deficient and ineffective hCG product. Real homeopathic hCG will burn fat and suppress the appetite — other ingredients are superfluous. And even if the hCG is real, there is less of it included in the final product — space is taken up by these other unnecessary ingredients.

While additional ingredients in your hCG diet drops should be avoided, there are a few products that can be taken in conjunction with your hCG to address emotional appetite and loose skin.

Pure Hoodia gordonii diet pills are extremely effective at addressing and controlling emotional hunger. Although hCG will prevent physical hunger cravings, many dieters are unable to control their emotional hunger when temptations arise.

Other diet pills can be taken to prevent the loose and sagging skin that is often a result of fast weight loss. PantoSure™’s all-natural formula tones and tightens skin while improving its overall complexion.


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