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About hCG Blog – Learning About hCG

hCG was founded to help provide answers and support for both those on the hCG diet and others who are simply interested in learning about hCG. We strive to provide you with the most relevant and interested hCG news and advice possible.

We have recently set up an hCG Forum to allow our visitors to comment about their experience and support others. Please sign up and become part of the hCG weight loss revolution.


Wendy Miles (Editor)

Learn About HCG

Wendy Miles is a weight loss and exercise enthusiast who is confident that hCG can help anyone slim down to a healthier weight.

After struggling with her weight for most of her childhoood, hCG has helped Wendry to drop nearly 45 pounds and regain control of her life. Her great success using BioMazing™ hCG inspires her to help others meet their weight loss goals.

Learn About HCG

By filtering through the hCG hype, we can help you to find the hCG drops that will finally help you lose 1-2 pounds of fat — and keep the weight off.

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