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Can hCG Drops Help a Dieter Lose Weight Before the Start of the Holidays?

HCG drops have helped thousands of users meet their weight loss goals, but are the results fast enough to encourage weight loss before the start of the holidays? As the temperature begins to drop, many people are becoming concerned about achieving their weight loss goals before the family gatherings of Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year. This growing interest has led a number of people to contact in an effort to find out if this type of diet drop can promote significant weight loss in only a few short months. In response to this developing concern, dieters were informed that these diet drops can in fact help users lose 1-2 pounds per day – this means that most people will be able to slim down before the holidays begin.

As September comes to a close, many people are becoming aware of the weight they put on during the barbeques and events of the summer months. And as fall begins, overweight individuals are looking for ways to slim down before the holidays. Concerned that they won’t be able to meet their weight loss goals before upcoming family gatherings, many visitors have emailed to ask, “Can hCG diet drops help me lose weight before the holidays?” In an effort to educate consumers about hCG weight loss programs, the blog explains how one can easily shed his extra weight prior to imminent family events.

“Most users lose 1-2 pounds of fat per day during phase II of the diet,” explains founder Wendy Miles. “This means that almost anyone can achieve his weight loss goals before Thanksgiving and maybe even Halloween. This is the single most effective non-invasive weight loss method.”

In order to lose 1-2 pounds a day using this weight loss diet, users must carefully follow the 500 calorie protocol in addition to taking an effective formula made with potent ingredients. Not all of these products are effective, so it is important for dieters to research different brands prior to making a purchase. Following the diet alone or taking a cheap product would result in little to no weight loss and might even be unsafe.

HCG Hormone Drops

HCG hormone drops are a cheaper and easier alternative to prescription hCG injections. Unlike shots, these products do not require a doctor’s prescription or regular doctor’s visits and are pain-free. And while they are just as effective as their precursor, not all “hCG drops” are effective for weight loss. Due to pressure from the FDA, many companies are now offering hormone-free alternatives that contain no Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in them whatsoever. These types of drops are made using a mix of amino acids and other ingredients and still require the user to follow the 500-calorie hCG weight loss program.

Of these hormone-free drops, to date, only Biovada Health’s Ultra Diet Drops and BioMazingHCG Diet Drops have proven themselves worthy of being called equal, or perhaps even better, than their homeopathic hormone predecessor. more …Read More»–>

Over-the-Counter hCG Hormone Drops: Just as Effective as Injections

“Weight loss in a bottle: Is it possible?
Products fly off local shelves with Dr. Oz’s tele-seal of approval

With swimsuit season sitting heavily upon us, people looking to lose some pounds are clearing shelves of weight-loss “miracle” solutions.

Standing the test of time, Pino said they are still seeing the biggest success with human chorionic gonadotropin weight-loss products.

These diet drops, along with a 500-calorie-a-day diet, can promote weight loss of up to a pound a day.”

Original story here.

If you are looking to buy homeopathic hormone drops, be sure to only buy a product that is 100% pure. Many companies mix other ingredients into their formulation, but these products are less effective and much less potent. Real hCG is so effective on its own, no other ingredients are necessary — except for the two hormone-free brands mentioned above, companies that claim their “proprietary ingredient formulation” accelerates fat loss are only trying to trick consumers into buying a less effective product.

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HCG Diet Injections

The popularity of hCG diet injections and homeopathic drops continues to grow as more and more people are losing a phenomenal amount of weight using the products in conjunction with the advised weight loss program. Using either option will result in about 1-2 pounds of fat loss daily — this is more than any other non-invasive weight loss option. Unlike other restrictive diets and programs, the hCG plan provides long-term results and lasts for a maximum of 40 days straight. You do not need to continue to take the drops once you have hit your goal weight and size.

Compare hCG drops vs injections here.

During the 21-40 day program, dieters are permitted to eat 2 proteins, 2 vegetables, 2 fruits and 2 “bread items” off of a specific list and in specified portions each day. During this time no hunger or fatigue should occur. …Read More»

Homeopathic hCG Diet

The homeopathic hCG diet includes the same eating plan as that of injections — but rather than supply shots, it offers the drops as an alternative. This option is just as effective as its predecessor, but costs far less and is available over-the-counter. During the homeopathic hCG weight loss plan, users eat restricted portions of common foods including fish, chicken, shrimp, steak, asparagus, oranges, apples and more. And not only does this program help you lose weight fast, it encourages healthy eating habits once the diet has been completed.

While there are many critics of this controversial weight loss trend, the vast number of success stories proves that homeopathic drops drops do work. Once a person has lost weight using this product, he can’t help but share his story with friends, family and coworkers. …Read More»

Weirdest hCG Questions Revealed

With so much conflicting hCG-related information flooding the Internet, it is no wonder people often misinterpret hCG fiction as fact. Over the past week, a large number of emails have come in to our Blog with very odd concerns. In response to the growing number of unusual queries involving hCG over the past 7 days, our Blog reveals the answers to this week’s weirdest questions. …Read More»

Dr. Simeons’ hCG Protocol

dr simeons hcg protocolWhile Dr. Simeons’ hCG Protocol was developed in the 1950s it has only recently become renowned as one of the most effective and popular diets in the world. HCG weight loss supporters make the following assertions about his diet program:

  • It can help you lose 1-2 pounds of fat per day.
  • The weight stays off.
  • It targets fat without affecting muscle mass.
  • It helps users develop healthy eating habits.
  • It improves overall health while preventing an array of health conditions.
  • It is safe and has no side-effects.

As the diet program gains in popularity, it is important for people to understand how the hCG protocol came about and exactly why the diet is so effective. By understanding the fundamentals, dieters can maximize weight loss and achieve the greatest possible end results. …Read More»

HCG Diet Success

hcg diet successAnyone can achieve hCG diet success by carefully following the weight loss plan and selecting a high-quality product.

Losing weight on this program requires users to follow a specific diet protocol while taking either homeopathic, the right hormone-free drops or injections — when the guidelines are followed, most people lose around 1-2 pounds of fat per day. Unlike other types of “fad diets” weight loss using this diet is long-term — the weight will not pile back on as soon as the program is finished and you do not need to continue taking it once you have met your goal. And while the FDA is banning products containing the actual hormone, there are two hormone-free diet drops that work equally as well (see our recommendations above) for weight loss, the astounding number of success stories prove that is truly does work. …Read More» Announces that HCG Weight Loss is Safe for Both Men and Women

man and womanMany men assume that because Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, commonly known as hCG, is a “pregnancy hormone” it is unsafe for men to take or it will result in a range of unwanted side-effects. Because hCG is effective for both sexes, we would like to announce that hCG weight loss is completely safe for men. …Read More»

HCG Drops for Weight Loss

hcg drops for weight lossHomeopathic hCG drops for weight loss are a cheaper and easier alternative to prescription hCG injections. And while their effectiveness has been documented by hundreds of thousands of users, the FDA is trying to ban the manufacturing of these products claiming they offer no weight loss benefits. Many people have begun taking action and are fighting to keep homeopathic hcg drops on the market — a number of letters and petitions have been sent to the FDA pleading with them to reconsider their attack on a product that has helped so many people.

It is unclear exactly why the FDA is trying to ban a product that can help to remedy the obesity epidemic in America, but many suggest that it is related to pressure from the prescription drug companies that pad their pockets. …Read More»

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